Fleas in Southwark

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Fleas can be a problem in the Southwark home, especially if you have pets. But what if you do not have any flea carrying pets in your home and find that you have fleas. Where might they have come from? How did they find there way in to your home? The answer is a lot simpler than you might think. Fleas find their way around the world via transportation. As with many insect pests nowadays, the way humans travel around, whether it is a short bus journey or a long haul flight, is exactly the same as fleas, bed bugs and other insects.

Insects including fleas have become some of the fastest growing pests, in numbers of population, due to travel. When you visit a friends home, if they have pets it is possible that a flea may jump into your handbag or into a pocket of your coat and when you get home, it will jump out and have a new home. The same applies if you go on holiday. The majority of insect pest problems start due to the transfer of the pest from one location to another. Sometimes if your adjoining neighbours have a flea problem, the fleas might find their way into your home through cracks in wall, floorboards and ceilings.

Another reason for the recent increase in fleas is possibly the number of people coming to the country to visit family members that have migrated here from Eastern Europe and Africa. This can’t of course be proved but it is a possibility.

There are no current diseases that are spread from fleas to humans, but this does not mean there are no health issues. As fleas do not live on humans, just feed from us, if you have fleas in your home it is not you that is dirty. Sometimes fleas in the home can psychologically make you feel dirty, which can be bad for your health with regards to worry and stress and in severe cases depression.

Homes that have more carpet, rather than homes with wooden, laminate flooring, are more likely to have fleas, as fleas live and breed more in carpeted areas. This is most likely due to the fact that carpets and underlay can provide a much safer, warmer environment for fleas to breed.

There are a number of ways to deal with a flea problem, depending on its size. If you have only seen 1 or 2 fleas, it is likely that you have, unfortunately, just brought them home with you. A good Hoover and clean of the home should do the trick here. If on the other hand you have noticed quite a few fleas over a number of days, but do not have flea carrying pets like a cat or dog, it may have come in with some second hand furniture or through the floorboards from your neighbours. If, however there are suddenly lots and you have pets, your pets may have them and a treatment for pets may do the trick. But if you are still unsure, call pest control and they will be able to help.


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