Wasp Control Southwalk


Wasp nest removal Southwalk

Wasps are a problem that needs to be dealt with in many homes and the Southwark area is no different. Wasp nests die out eventually by the end of Summer. During this time around 100 fertile queen wasps will leave the nest and find a place to hibernate.


Wasps and wasp nests in your home can cause staining to ceilings and in extreme cases wasps can eat through them. Wasp stings are painful too and it is not something you want to put you and your family through. Wasp infestations need to be dealt with immediately. Each year there are many complaints of wasp stings in Southwark and surrounding areas.

Wasps are generally most active in the Summer months up to October/November time. Wasps nests are not hard to identify, they are generally brown or grey in colour and can vary in shape and size but are often shaped like a heart and the top of the wasp nests is usually much wider than the bottom. Our wasp control team use an insecticidal dust, which is sprayed into the opening of the nest. Therefore the wasp nest will be completely dead within 24 hours and safe to remove.

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