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There are many different species of moths in Southwark. Grain moths are a more common species of moth and although not dangerous they can be very irritating. They are usually found in whole grain when developing from the larval and pupal stages. If an infestation is found then all commodities should be destroyed and the area fumigated.


Clothes moth on the other hand can be considered a more serious pest as they cause more damage. They can be found feeding on different natural fibre material in your Southwark home. They can also damage carpets. Moths are not aggressive and the only cases where it may be aggressive is when they are threatened or disturbed.


Our Southwark moth control experts are not only reliable and they also have an excellent reputation, you know when they say they,ll be there they keep our promise. All our work is carried out by our team that specialises in moth control and they are fully qualified and trained. We adhere to BPCA code of practice. We offer free advice and quotes when you need it the most.

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