Flea Control Southwalk



flea control Southwalk

Getting rid of fleas in Southwark is very challenging. Getting in a professional is the best way to ensure quality flea control. Do it yourself products and solutions are not fully effective. The flea life cycle must be broken in order for them to be fully eradicated. Having fleas in your home and getting bitten by fleas are a risk to health as the flea pierces the skin with their bite and prevent blood clotting by injecting an anti-coagulant agent into the host.


In Southwark fleas flourish mostly in the summer as homes are re-occupied after the residents have been away for a few weeks on holidays. Humans are mainly attacked by cat fleas. A cat or dog may have a light infestation of Fleas without the human inhabitants knowing. Therefore if the cat or dog is carrying a large infestation there is a high risk of humans getting attacked by the fleas too. A heavy infestation may occur if the cat or dog is removed from the home. Then the insect has no alternative but to feed off us.


Our professional team eliminates fleas in Southwark. They use flea insecticide in combination with insect growth regulators. This process is the most effective and should always be carried out by a professional flea controller to ensure it is done right. Our flea control services are the best in Southwark and prices are set competitively.


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